Art has been a life long passion and pursuit for Trek, dating back to his art upbringing in the 80’s were he studied under the mentorship of Puerto Rican painters Andres Bueso and son Andy Bueso were he honed his painting skills and learned the fundamentals needed to be an artist. He took that knowledge and love with him to Miami were he was part of one of the city’s most notorious and oldest graffiti crews STV, creating murals all over the city and abroad in Puerto Rico, England, as well as other countries. In the late 90’s Trek6 took a small detour and landed in his place of birth, Puerto Rico were he founded the seminal indie rock band Oruga and
the art collective Elastic Module Laboratories. With the help from his EML family he created sound art pieces that have been found in many galleries including Prinardi and Puerto Rico’s Museum of Art. He also worked with many local artists on collaborative pieces like the soundscapes done for the 2004 piece “Jardin de Frutos Prohibidos” with Charles Juhasz-Alvarado for the Biennial de Sao Pablo and a Circa 28 piece with Cuban artist Rigoberto Quintana ,and earning an honorable mention in Puerto Rico’s Arte Joven Expo for his own paintings.




2018, Mural / Graffiti Artist