Pinky Weber

Pinky Weber

Pinky Weber is an award-winning professional doodler, muralist shmuralist, zine queen, and pizza/donut enthusiast based in — you guessed it — Brooklyn. Pinky’s work has exhibited internationally, receiving shout-outs from Vice, The Associated Press, The Guardian, Art Net, Gothamist, Greenpointers, Ballpit Mag, Communication Arts, American Illustration and The Crafty Ass Female Podcast. Her first solo show, ‘Pinky’s Playground’, opened in September 2017 at World Money Gallery. Following the success of her show, Pinky opened up her retail shop ( and recently expanded into the wholesale biz ( These days, Pinky can be found painting murals in Brooklyn with her two wiener dogs, Crinkle and Pickle.




2018, Mural / Graffiti Artist