He studied graphic design and advertising and began painting on the street with a marker in 1987 and with aerosol in 1989. After filling up Barcelona, Catalonia, and the rest of Spain with his art he began traveling to Europe and America and decorating their streets with his Logo-Art. Xupet has collaborated with the fashion, skate, and sneaker world along with art marker brands and Street Art representative firms. His work has and continues to be exhibited in some of the most important galleries in the art scene worldwide including Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, San José (Costa Rica), Los Angeles, & Miami among others.

He is the precursor of the Logo-Art and one of its most relevant figures, actively working in the graffiti scene from its beginning and a key stone of the street-art movement. He is influenced by Pop Art, the graffiti of the urban authors, the advertising and graphic design culture, the street signal language and the history of art.

The message is capital in his work, using social concepts, fighting for human rights. To him, the purpose is to color walls and people minds.




2018, 2021 Mural Artists, Mural / Graffiti Artist