Daniel Osorno

Daniel Osorno

Daniel Osorno and his original art are a true defining combination of passion and leading-edge talent. Osorno is a “new-wave” Cubist, and a bonafide street artist with a natural eye to the beauty and silver linings of the world. His paintings and murals are brought to life as he uses his imagination and gliding wrists to create his signature line work, eclectic landscapes, whimsical Trapezium art, and colorful Cubism portraits. Osorno is in a constant evolution of design as he reacts upon the times; solidifying his own creative style of multi-dimensional art.

Hailing from Medellín, a humble province in Colombia, Osorno’s heartfelt life story has translated onto his beautiful paintings and creations for more than 20 years. Osorno’s works of art can be found on the walls and galleries around Miami, including the city’s up-and-coming art district, Wynwood, and each year during Miami’s world famous Art Basel. Osorno’s reputation is that of an artistic innovator with a good-natured personality and is supportive of his fellow artists.





2018, Mural / Graffiti Artist