Klughaus to paint semi-trailer trucks that will drive the East Coast!

Klughaus to paint semi-trailer trucks that will drive the East Coast!

Klughaus is partnering with ATLFreight.com to kick off an artist series of custom painted 53′ semi-trailer trucks that will eventually travel throughout the East Coast.  The inaugural truck for this project is going to be painted live at Basel House this year (2018) featuring GLOSSBLACK (PHI) and MAST (NYC.)  The scale of these trucks mimic subways and freight trains to serve as the perfect large scale moving canvas coming to an interstate near you!

Klughaus specializes in artwork with authentic graffiti roots. As an artist-owned agency, we connect global brands, real estate developers, and public organizations with a worldwide network of graffiti artists acclaimed for their distinctive aesthetics — all to create innovative and memorable large-scale works.  We provide access to authentic graffiti artists while protecting the art form and culture.

No stranger to the concept of artwork on moving vehicles, Klughaus made its Art Basel Miami Beach debut in December 2012 with a one-of-a-kind mobile art installation that featured multiple 24-foot box trucks painted by several Klughaus artists. To maximize our exposure and make an unforgettable mark on Art Basel, the trucks traveled throughout Miami Beach and Wynwood all day everyday throughout the four days of the international art fair, sometimes accompanied by a live band that performed from the tops of the trucks as they drove up and down the streets of Miami.  See the video of that project here. (We had a lot of fun with this project which happened mostly where Basel House is based today.)

About the Artists:

Raised in the Philadelphia metropolitan area. GLOSSBLACK is an American freight writer who began painting in the early 2000’s. Today, with over a decade of work under his belt, he has solidified himself as a nationally recognized practitioner of the art. As graffiti culture rises in popularity, he manages to continually find new territory, creating pieces that are instantly recognizable. Working predominantly in aerosol and oil paint, his dynamic lettering styles, layering techniques, craftsmanship, and dedication to detail result in striking works of art. From massive neighborhood landmarks in Philadelphia to the fine detail of canvas letter studies, his portfolio is a reflection of his prolific career.  Follow him on Instagram at @glossblack

MAST is a NYC based graffiti artist who started making a name for himself in the early ‘90s earning a reputation for coupling aggressive letters and stylized characters. His attention to detail and primary focus on letter-forms themselves give his work a solid foundation in traditional graffiti as he continues to hone the illustrative vocabulary of his visual language. MAST was recently awarded 1st place overall in the 2014 ONO’U International Graffiti Festival in Papette, Tahiti and 1st place in the letters competition again in ONO’U 2015.  Follow him on Instagram at @indeliblefunk